Hamza & Aliya Share The Ramadan Cheer

The month of Ramadan is coming! Hamza and Aliya are excited to decorate their home, make new resolutions and bake scrumptious, nutritious recipes with their Mama and Baba.

One afternoon, Mama falls asleep after preparing food to share with the neighbors, but uh-oh, she forgets to make dessert! Can Hamza and Aliya surprise their Mama with a delicious and nutritious dessert before she wakes up? Who will they call for help, and what special ingredients will they use?

Join Hamza and Aliya as they share the Ramadan Cheer with their family, neighbors and community!

Hamza and Aliya enjoy adventures in the kitchen with their Mama. But when Mama falls asleep one Ramadhan evening, without making desert for the trays to be distributed to their neighbors, the kids call Nani and prepare a no-bake treat

Hamza and Aliya join Baba on a trip to the grocery store. Each one of them has their own wishlist. Hamza wants to get something colorful. Aliya wants to get something sweet. And Baba wants to get something healthy. It’s tricky settling on just one thing, but Hamza and Aliya have a plan!

by Marzieh Abbas illustrated by Michile Khan



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