Short bio

Kidlit enthusiast. Poet. Baker. Mama.


Marzieh is a baker-turned-author. She loves adding magic to her creations, whether they’re seven-layered rainbow cakes or the books she writes for children all over the world. Her work is inspired by her Pakistani culture and Muslim heritage. She is the author of the chapter book series: NADIA & NADIR.

Her upcoming picture books are:

  • A DUPATTA IS… (Feiwel & Friends, 2023)
  • HENNA IS… (Feiwel & Friends, 2024)
  • AWE-SAMOSAS! (Clarion, 2024).
  • THE BOOKS ON MY BACK (Feiwel & Friends, 2025)

Marzieh enjoys learning new skills, jumping rope, sipping chai, and observing nature. Marzieh dreams of owning a talking parrot someday. But until then, she lives in Pakistan with her husband and children who inspire her daily. She occasionally writes under the name: Marzieh A. Ali.

Fun Facts about Marzieh

  • Favorite colors: Yellow & blue

  • Favorite thing to do: Inspire others

  • Favorite time of day: Early morning

  • Always fails at: Keeping plants alive

  • Favorite thing to drink: Chai

  • Favorite snack: Samosas

  • Still in search of: the perfect chocolate-chip cookie recipe

  • Always dreaming of: Traveling

  • Weird quirk: she named her feet when she was six and hasn’t stopped calling them by their names since. (And no, she cannot tell you their names).